The Temptation of Eve Directed by Jacky St. James
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Details: Duration: 112:25
Production year: 2013
Description: Another excellent New Sensations Romance title written and directed by Jacky St. James, featuring passionate sex and shot in stunning HD!Thrust into an uncomfortable circumstance, Eve finds herself living with her ex and current boyfriend all under the same roof. Brandon was the man with whom she shared the most intense sexual connection of her life, while Danny is her true lover and partner in life. But when Brandon´s lusts and manipulations tempt Eve into being unfaithful to Danny, she finds herself straddling the line of right and wrong. Will Eve succumb to Brandon’s games? Or will she stay loyal to Danny: the man who continues to be her grounding force in the unpredictable, unstable world Brandon has begun to weave for both of them?

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