New Technologies, New Sexual Explorations In Jessie Black´s Latest!

Posted on: December 8, 2017

Joybear is back! One of our favorite Production Companies is back with a fantastic and super long film called Exposure! Watch the trailer on Lust Cinema now...

Venus White is a Keyboard Cupid. She hacks into other people's phones and computers to try and bring some sexual excitement into their lives - and for herself too! She believes that her job is reminding people of the sexual truth in their lives and relationships, and helping them find it again.

Venus receives a picture on her phone, from a fellow hacker. She thinks she knows who it is, as there's only one person good enough to hack a hackers phone that she knows! So she sets out on a mission to look for him. But while she's strolling down the beach, she sees a couple, played by Alexa Tomas and Potro de Bilbao, who won't even look at each other anymore, but instead send each other whatsapp messages. Venus intervenes and gets them all hot and horny for each other, and before you know the couple are having wild, passionate sex!

Julia Roca is wandering through the park taking some photos when she sees a super hot runner, Miguel Zayas. She snaps his picture, but he catches her! Luckily they are both hot and horny, and when Julia gets home she decides to invite him for some FaceTime sex. Little do they know that Venus is tapping into their phones and watching them too! The three of them are all masturbating at the same time, and it's super hot - until the phone cuts out just before Julia is about to come. So she invited him over for some real face-to-face, and that's where the fun really begins. Watching these two have sex is amazing, as it always is with Julia - you can see real joy and excitement on her face. She's so much fun!

This film is an hour and a half long, and has 4 sex scenes between couples and 3 masturbation scenes, so you sure get a lot of bang for your buck ;) This film feels really in tune to the millennial generation who experience so much more sexual interaction through technology than anyone before them! Plus these actors are all super hot Spanish performers, and even though the sun isn't shining, you can feel the warm Mediterranean breeze! So what are you waiting for?

It's now available on Lust Cinema :)

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