Don´t Call Me A Dick, Show It To Me!

Posted on: October 20, 2017

We’ve got a delightful surprise for you on Lust Cinema this week! Olympe de G. is back again, and her creative energy just keeps on giving! This time she has made a fantastic, funny, heartwarming and erotic homage to our sex organs, with Don’t Call Me a Dick(/a Cunt/an Asshole). Olympe continues to amaze us and we can’t help but fall more and more in love with her, the more she makes for XConfessions! She’s bringing a truly modern, unique and imaginative vibe to the series which we absolutely LOVE.

Don’t call me a dick,
a dick is the most beautiful thing in the world,
an inflatable miracle
a forever jumping whale,
the softest hardness,
a shot of he-roin,
sometimes a vulnerable caterpillar,
or a sleeping mole,
sometimes a volcano spitting cloudy emotions,
your very own milky way generator,
or even that mythical eleventh finger
that knows exactly how to tickle loving feelings.
Don’t call anyone a dick,
dicks are God, worship them.

From Barbara’s confession Don’t Call Me a Dick.

The asshole, dick and cunt are resplendent in this art-house style, slow-motion film of mutual masturbation, oral sex and the most incredible looking handjob of all time! Welcome Heidi Switch, in her first adult film for XConfessions! This mesmerising film with have you staring with longing at an asshole in a way you never thought could happen! Plus there’s a beautiful slow motion spank where we see the gorgeous ripples of movement through Heidi’s body, and a REAL slow-motion squirting scene!

Olympe is a Lust Cinema regular now, as a Guest Director and as one of Erika Lust's performers!  Check out her GDing debut The Bitchhiker and look out for her upcoming performance in Erika Lust's film Architecture Porn!   She’s also shot a film raising money for Amnesty International – a pansexual orgy in Berlin, coming soon to Lust Cinema: We Are the (fucking) World. Plus a few weeks ago we released Take Me Through the Looking Glass!   Watch Don't Call Me a Dick on Lust Cinema now!

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