A Shibari Scene With A Docu Feel!

Posted on: December 29, 2017

What is Shibari? This beautiful art is not just tying someone up and getting kinky! Shibari is a skill and practice that can be used for therapy and creativity – as well as getting erotic, if that’s what you're into!  

 Erika Lust has taken the XConfessions series back to a documentary style for the latest film release, focussing on the art of Shibari rope tying with a group of riggers and models, to see what this craft is all about. She invited the wonderful Mistress Eris, and the experienced sub and Dom Parker Marx to make the documentary and then have sex!   

And you can watch it now on Lust Cinema!

My cock is so swollen, I’m aching for her, she’s naked and as she continues to tie me her soft dark hair brushes against my skin and I am covered in goosebumps. I want to be in her hands, I want her to watch me squirm. She is finished and admires her work, hands tracing the rope and my skin until her fingers come to rest on my cock and she squeezes ever so slightly. It is so hard, from being constricted by rope and through unbearable desire. She bends down and slides it between her lips and I groan loudly, wet tongue and soft lips driving me crazy. I shut my eyes and the more she suckles the more I want to thrust forwards, but I am tied so strongly that I cannot move a centimeter.  From the confession by SlavetoMistressAmber on XConfessions.com!

This film features interviews with 4 experienced riggers (the people who tie the ropes) and models: Eris, Parker and Kali, who have all worked with Erika on previous XConfessions films, and introducing Alberto No Shibari, a Barcelona based rigger who offers private sessions with clients. On screen you can see them chatting on the complexities of Shibari – how it’s not always something sexual, although it can be. How making yourself vulnerable, in someone else’s hands, can be one of the most freeing, and/or erotic sensations, plus a ton of other stuff, which you’ll have to watch the film to find out!   

Watch it now on Lust Cinema!

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