Roy Stuart


Roy Stuart evolved amidst New York´s counterculture movement. At the dawn of the 1970s, Stuart had his first cinematographic experience: a minor part in The Godfather Part II and, subsequently, in many other movies, inclusing a few X-rated titles. Stuart remains instantly fascinated by cinematographic techniques and especially by the use of lighting.After establishing himself in England, Stuart began his journey into erotic photography by taking photos of his girlfriend, which we later featured in French magazines. He became a professional, and began to shoot fashion features as well, before leaving England for France in the late 1980s. As more and more of his photographic sessions were filmed, the Glimpse Series was born: an experimental assemblage serving as a documentary of his work. The photographic series became more narrative, and Stuart grew closer to his dream back in the 1970s: cinema. After the publication of five photo volumes, which sold more than 500,000 copies - giving the artist worldwide success - Stuart directed and produced his first full-length feature film, The Lost Door, in 2008.

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