The Final Momentum Volume Is Here!

Posted on: July 10, 2017

It's the last installment of the momentum series! And it goes out with a bang... or two ;)   

What a ride it has been with the Momentum series! It's the arrival of the fourth chapter, and we're super sad that there doesn't seem to be a number 5! Michelle Flynn's films have taken us through multiple themes and cinematic worlds, from Australian beaches, to Australian woods, and now what feels like Australian sea-side/desert!

In her usual retro style, Flynn's two lead characters for Momentum Vol. 4 are open-minded, wandering hippies. Although one is in a suit! Their stories interlace without ever actually meeting each other, and the whole world of the Momentum series feels like this. Multiple characters whom we follow on different journeys, their stories nearly but never quite meeting.

A storm is approaching, and Flynn's skillful capture of the rumbling thunderclouds and pleasant cool breeze across bare nipples and tiny neck hairs is enough to make you crave the rain! Our leading lady is walking along the road when she is picked up by a stranger in a car. Not your typical damsel in distress style situation, she takes control over what happens and flees with his vehicle! Meanwhile, our leading man turns up at an empty bar in this tiny town and gets drunk on his own, before passing out in a motel.

The film opens, unusually, with two masturbation scenes with men. Watching them touch themselves while closing their eyes and imagining, whatever it is they're imagining, is deliciously arousing! 

 Afterwards, we are treated to a very long threesome scene in a hut, with one woman watching and directing her friend and the leading man in a light-bdsm-esque scene where he ties her up, spanks her, and makes her cry out with pleasure and pain! The films ends with two women having beautiful, arousing, incredible sex by a waterfall. What more could you possibly want?!

So what are you waiting for? We release a new film every week on Lust Cinema. Check out the entire Momentum series now!

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